CEREC Machine & Digital impressions for Clear Correct

At Evergreen Dental, Dr. Scott Travelstead and the rest of our team remain committed to providing our patients with the latest, most advanced dental care possible. That’s why we’re excited to offer CEREC technology to improve patient experience and the level of care you receive at our dental office in Corvallis, Oregon.

CEREC is an incredibly reliable, start-of-the-art system used to create customized tooth restorations, such as onlays and overlays, dental veneers, and crowns during just one office visit. CEREC technology also allows Dr. Travelstead to create highly detailed digital scans of a patient’s mouth he can then use in the creation of dentures and ClearCorrect orthodontic aligners.

How CEREC Works?

Before the days of computerized scans, oral restorations like crowns and veneers required that a dentist take a mold of a patient’s teeth using silicone-based putty. Both invasive and uncomfortable, having a patient bite down into a mold filled with this foul tasting substance was easily one of the worst parts of having a smile restored back to health. With CEREC, those days are over.

CEREC uses an intraoral scanner that digitally creates a 3D rendering of a patient’s teeth and gums. By waving a remarkably small handheld wand over and around a patient’s mouth, CEREC’s computer digitally captures the topography of a patient’s smile. Using the data collected with a CEREC scan, Dr. Travelstead can create a fully functioning smile in little time and with no discomfort.

How does CEREC same-day technology work?

At Evergreen Dental, Dr. Travelstead begins CEREC treatment by taking a 3D image of the tooth or teeth in need of repair. He then uses these images to create a custom impression that can then be used in the creation of a dental crown or veneer. Using CEREC’s advanced design technology, your porcelain restoration will be designed to blend seamlessly into the natural structure and color of neighboring teeth.

During just one appointment at our dental office in Corvallis, Oregon, Dr. Travelstead can create a final design of a restoration that he can send to our in-office manufacturing machine, where your crown or veneer is produced from a single solid block of porcelain. When finished, the restoration is placed on or over the damaged portion of your smile, and you are then free to resume your day.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

CEREC same-day restorations offer patients a more efficient and convenient way to restore the form and function back to their smile. Some of CEREC’s many benefits include:

  • Same-day treatment
  • Natural looking crowns and veneers that blend seamless into your natural smile
  • No need for temporary placements while your impressions are sent off to a lab
  • No mess silicone impressions make treatment easier than ever
  • No use of metal in any part of your restoration

With CEREC technology, you no longer need to wait to get the healthier, better looking smile you’ve been wanting. Contact our office today to schedule your CEREC consultation with Corvallis, OR family dentist Dr. Travelstead today!