The Key to a Healthy Smile Could Be in Your Genes

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You take oral hygiene seriously, always making sure to brush once in the morning and again at night before heading off to bed. You limit the number of sugary sweets you eat a day and generally avoid drinking sugary beverages like soda that work to damage the health of your teeth. You even schedule regular…

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Dealing With Dry Mouth

Corvallis family dentist

Of all the reasons you might go to see a Corvallis family dentist, a dry mouth probably isn’t very high on your list. But while dry mouth may seem like more of a nuisance than a serious oral health problem, you might be surprised at just how big a role saliva actually plays in keeping…

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Poor Oral Health Could Trigger Migraines

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At Evergreen Dental, Dr. Travelstead wants all of our patients to enjoy a greatlooking smile that lasts a lifetime. While it’s easy to think of our oral health as only relating to our teeth and gums, there are potential connections between our oral and overall health that may actually surprise you. In recent years, a…

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Your Mouth May Not be as Healthy as You Think

family dentist in Corvallis

As a family dentist in Corvallis, Dr. Travelstead and the rest of our team at Evergreen Dental remain dedicated to providing every patient with the quality dental care needed to enjoy a great-looking smile for a lifetime. While many of our patients understand that a persistent toothache or trouble chewing means that something is wrong…

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CEREC Machine & Digital impressions for Clear Correct

At Evergreen Dental, Dr. Scott Travelstead and the rest of our team remain committed to providing our patients with the latest, most advanced dental care possible. That’s why we’re excited to offer CEREC technology to improve patient experience and the level of care you receive at our dental office in Corvallis, Oregon. CEREC is an…

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